We are seeking energetic, highly motivated and friendly people to take EXCELLENT care of our guests!

POSITION PURPOSE: Tends laundering machines to clean any linen or terry brought into the laundry room from rooms or restaurant performing the following duties.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS :(include the following. Other duties may be assigned.)

  • Monitors automatic soap dispensing machines to insure proper amount of chemical is being distributed each load.
  • Loads articles into washer insuring the proper amount is loaded in.
  • Starts machine that automatically washes and rinses articles.
  • Lifts clean, wet articles from washer and places them successively into driers for measured time cycles.
  • Sorts dried articles according to type. Folds and places item in appropriate storage bin.
  • Mends torn articles. Sorts and counts articles to verify quantities on laundry lists.
  • Soaks contaminated articles in neutralizer solution in vat to precondition articles for washing.
  • Mixes dyes and bleaches according to formula, and dyes and bleaches specified articles.
  • Dryer lint filters will be cleaned no less than one time per day.
  • Proper uniform and name tag will be worn by guest at all times.
  • Acknowledgement and pleasant greeting given to each and every customer coming in contact with.
  • Thorough knowledge of all in house outlets along with local area information to assist customer when needed.
  • Proper organizational skills displayed in maintaining the laundry room in a clean, neat and organized state.
  • Team effort displayed in assisting in keeping the commercial area clean and neat.
  • Timely (within 10 minutes) response to customers’ needs for housekeeping supplies.
  • Associate will empower himself/herself to accept any customer problem brought to their attention as and take on the responsibility for resolving the problem to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Associates will assume the responsibility of maintaining all storerooms in a clean, neat and organized state.
  • Associate must display a team attitude and assist co-workers when the need arises.
  • Associate must assist Room Attendants in the delivery/restocking of their cartsEach associate is expected to carry out, within their capabilities, all reasonable requests asked by management.

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